(' u ' )°
Samus or mega man ‘v’

i’ve been wanting to draw Megaman for forever now, but i think i just forgot how (´ x`)

i have like nothing in mind as of what to draw tomorrow

maybe some self stuff for my other blog

also that blog will be useful for RPing through private messages and stuff like that so if you’re interested!! ok

if you somehow find it without me telling you about it, and i dont feel cool with you following it, i’ll most likely just block you
no hard feelings just, you know

gimee that url please

thats not going to fly Max

so yeah i made a sideblog for being a gross thirsty pile of boy

there will be mainly me talking about the stuff i like/wanna do and sometimes art featuring a persona of me doing that stuff

if i already followed you with it, it’s fine to follow back
if you wanna know what it is, message me and if i feel comfy letting you know, i’ll tel you the URL K THIANKS

Hey sexy man c;

sir are you okay i think you might be delusional

im about to make a blog for being the dirty slut i am and no one is going to know about it

cough nothingsfunny cough

pretty much

Cause there's a guy whining about it, hence the "free refills" bit.

still even so

you don't understand because you're cis white scum (disclaimer: this is a joke)

wow i can’t believe this unwarranted hate!!! ;-(


cool it comes with a free refill 

i dont understand whats funny about this

i want a fuckin cat

i just got a haircut but i forgot that my hair is very spiky when short and now i look like a fuckin punk rock reject


I’m so sorry I’m trash

i went straight to page 2 under your #me and i thought you were jontron omfg

wa ha h-ECH