a grape,

why are you people still following me holy shitgh

robback! praise

i will never be fully back

animal crossing is the only thing keeping me sane

if nintendo ever creates Mario’s mom and here name isnt Mia then i will fucking kill someone


Woodman - MegaMan 2DaveRapoza.com


Woodman - MegaMan 2


save rob

help me

You're awesome and an amazing person!

five ninety fucking nine

grape rob


also i havent drawn anything since ever fuckin hhjk

i still dont have fucking wifi this is bullshit

How ya holdin up Rob?

Once you get this say five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers. :)
  • no

i am not going to put the burden of something like this on any of my followers


// acnl dating sim would be terrible

Quick question, would you be down to eat a chick's ass?