italy official

lets see what boring poses i can come up with drawing tonight

i want to make music that sounds like the music in Tomodachi does


i know that nintendo wanted to separate Tomodachi from ACNL, but for some reason theres a question about your potato preference in both games? why? its the exact same questions with the same answers?



mods are asleep, post small morshu




hugeanimetiddies replied to your post: thank you runner2 for having the re-Fu…

excuse u what about blackout city

that one is good too but i prefer Runner2’s soundtrack

thank you runner2 for having the re-Fusion song i love you kiss kiss

whats going on with arin?

teenage mutant ninja turtles cant eat pizza they dont have teeth


people who try to befriend artists for free art




man……. i still cannot belief that my IDOL— Egorapt has fallen to the dark side of the feminis………… childhood ruined…………………………………..

You mean he’s defending a person who tried to jump behind feminism to pretend she did nothing wrong, while also insulting those who previously talked well about her and claiming she was “hacked”

what is this, some SJW bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob, Mario Galaxy was a straight line. Sunshine is crazy good though. Just played it recently. SO many secrets.

it wasnt though!

Sunshine: HUB World allowing you to enter worlds as you collect Shines
Galaxy: HUB World allowing you to enter worlds as you collect Stars!

Sinshone: Select a shine, do what you have to in that level, collect Shine
Galaxy: Select a shine, do what you have to in that level, collect Star!

the only difference between the two if i remember correctly is that you can collect different ordered Shines in Sunshine? and if by secrets you dont mean the levels with ‘secret’ in the title then i am sad to say there arent really all that many secrets in that game

residence: burgtown USA

you get nostalgia from mario galaxy were you born in 2006?

you dont have to be a child to have a grand first time experience with something

just listening to the music and stuff now out of all the Mario games Galaxy is the one where I think “that was a good game”

Yeah ok you know nothing about modern rap

link me some modern rap because im sure what im talking about isnt the same name

Rob more like boring


oh, you, fucking, get money and bitches well fucking good, I , DID MY TAXES FUCK YOU